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Setting You Up for Success in Your Market

As a specialized orthodontist consultant, Ingenuity uses a broad set of strategies and tools to grow our clients’ marketshare. From steering brand alignment to digital and traditional marketing strategies, brand design, internal/external marketing campaigns, digital/traditional advertising, PR strategies, reputation management, SEO, and consulting for communication and case acceptance, Ingenuity has the solution to help you achieve your goals.

This plan is often multi-faceted may include many of the following “tools” in our realm of expertise:

Brand & Logo Design

Brand Alignment Strategies

Custom Orthodontic Marketing Campaigns

Practice Materials Design

Social Media Consulting & Advertising

Website Design

Technical & On-Page SEO

SEM – PPC Design & Management

Observation Growth Strategies

TC & Front Desk Scripting

Transition Strategy & Planning

Patient Sweepstakes & Contests

Orthodontist Consultant Patients in Branded Shirts

Brand Alignment

Keeping Your Brand Consistent for Top-of-Mind Awareness

So what is Brand Alignment? Put most simply, is a state where both internal and external stakeholders, patients and employees, understand a brand’s purpose and act accordingly. If your brand is aligned internally, the doctor(s) and team share a clear understanding of why your brand exists in terms of the promise it makes to patients. If your brand is aligned externally, your patient and would-be patients understand the claims your brand makes, and believe it delivers on those claims. If an orthodontist claims he/she doesn’t want finances to get in the way of “your perfect smile” (as most do) but refuses to bear the risk of “$0 down to start” and/or extended financing, this creates misalignment. The result may the perception that the brand is dishonest or disingenuous. It would be more advantageous to avoid that claim if the brand can’t honestly “walk the walk.”

Why does Brand Alignment matter? In a word, authenticity. And authenticity builds trust. What’s more, authenticity is the single most important influencer to the GenX demographic. As noted by Nielsen, authenticity is the biggest point of appeal in their buying decisions.

In this sense, brand alignment is the very definition of brand authenticity. Authentic practices understand themselves at the deepest level and act in accordance with that understanding. Their brand promise is genuine and their actions seek to make good on that promise. They’re able to foster meaningful and lasting relationships with their patients because, well, patients aren’t stupid.

Orthodontist Consultant Client with Patient


Helping to Find the Voice of Your Practice

Effective communication is at the core of brand alignment and effective marketing campaigns. What’s more, it forms the verbal foundation for your practice. It works in conjunction with a logo and a brand identity system in order to describe your brand to your audience and consists of a brand story, a brand position statement, and an elevator pitch. But here’s the question; Is your communication helping you to win starts or is it negatively impacting referral rates?

When communication is effectively scripted and targeted, your patients will describe your practice in terms and phrases that you choose for them. This strategy reinforces the perception of authenticity and thereby inspires trust in those with whom they communicate about your brand. And in the end the widespread quality of being trustworthy improves both the number and quality of new patient consults.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. I simply requires a broad view and a little Ingenuity to achieve.

Note that Ingenuity offers market exclusivity and yours may be taken. Please reach out to us if you are interested in securing your market today.

Orthodontist Consultant Client with Patient

Welcome to Ingenuity!

Please have a look around and hit us up when you’re ready to hear more.

Welcome to Ingenuity!

Please have a look around and hit us up when you’re ready to hear more.

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