Our best July on record was almost doubled this year since partnering with Ingenuity.

- Client Orthodontist, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Meet Ingenuity Orthodontic Marketing

An orthodontic marketing system built with ingenuity by Ingenuity.
The winds of change have seemed pretty tornadic to most orthodontic practices over the past decade. The technology of digital communication is evolving so quickly that many orthodontists struggle to simply stay “in the know.” And not only is the technology behind communications changing, but so, too, is the manner by which people interact and find information. People don’t “look it up in the phonebook, they “Google it.” They ask their friends for an orthodontic recommendation on social media sites like Facebook. These would-be patients use the internet to search for positive reviews of your practice. Advertising via newspaper, radio, and TV ads in decline because their subscribers are waning. We have entered into a world where communication is powered by the Internet. And if you are an orthodontist marketing without specifically focusing on this new world, you are missing a fantastic opportunity to grow.

Ingenuity Orthodontic Marketing is a social media marketing firm that works specifically within the field of orthodontics to create, launch, and manage strategic marketing campaigns to increase dentist and patient referral rates.  But that sounds pretty nebulous, so let’s drill down.  Ingenuity is the employee you would hire; the marketing agency, graphic designer, orthodontic contest ideas guru, social media expert, website developer, and search engine optimization specialist all rolled into one - but at a fraction of the cost.  We are the extension of your orthodontic marketing coordinator, or marketing coordination efforts, that supplies the strategy, puts the plan into action, and manages the day to day execution of such.  And during our partnership no other orthodontist in your area will have access to Ingenuity’s services.  We are exclusive to one practice in any given market, and effectively lock out competition.

Ingenuity’s social media marketing plan is the cumulation of three parts, social media site creation and daily maintenance, web-based orthodontic contests, and search engine optimization and marketing.  All these parts work together to form a synergy that simultaneously builds “buzz” around your practice while facilitating the communication between your practice, your patients, and everyone they know.  The resulting growth in referral traffic creates growth that further feeds the cycle. 

So now it’s your turn to grow.  Make the jump into social media without the learning curve, the hassles, the pitfalls, or the hiring of additional employees. As an orthodontist, marketing need not be a burden. Are you ready to make your practice go viral?